Kick Hunger Challenge - 2017-2018 NFL Season

Hall of Fame

Join the Kick Hunger Challenge as football fans across the country fight hunger! It’s a great way for your team of family and friends to show your support of the Professional Football Hall of Fame and become champions of hunger relief.

It’s easy. Donate to the Kick Hunger Challenge Hall of Fame and the Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank will turn each dollar into four meals for those who rely on their services. Recruit a few friends to join your team and the number of meals grows significantly. And if those friends draft their friends, imagine the amount of food one team can provide.

And if you like a little “friendly competition” tell your friends who are fans of another NFL team about the Kick Hunger Challenge. Let them draft their own players and then see who can score the biggest touchdown in the fight against hunger!

All donations in the name of Pro Football Hall of Fame will be distributed to the Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank.

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